Names for a band/singing competition

Well hello there!

So finally I decided (after reading so, so many stories) to go and give it a try myself. So the first steps are done (I’ve got it mostly planned out etc and I know where I want my story to go), so now it’s time for me to edit the story. Although I’m very creative at most parts and I know where to go with my story, I still struggle a bit with naming things. I thought why not ask you guys for any ideas.

So basicly my story is some kind of tribute to Little Mix (it’s not exactly the same storyline, but I got my inspiration from them). The MC will be auditioning for a singing contest where she’ll be put together with three other singers she doesn’t know. The girls become friends and eventually win the competition, which is only the start of their adventure. However, my story will mainly be focussed on the process of winning the competition.

So my question for you guys is if you could help me find some inspiration for:

  • A few band/artist names
  • The name for the competition ( I don’t want it to be cheesy such as: The Episode singing contest or something like that).
  • The name for a girlband.

I’m kind of new to the Episode forum, so sorry if I put this in the wrong category.

I’d love to see some ideas!


Moving it to Share Feedback since it’s about story ideas. :wink: Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:

Competition name: Fame Or Lame

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Thank you very much! I’ll remember it for the next time.

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Do you still need help

Could you tell me when story is released?

Sorry for my late reply, I certainly need some help with choosing names etc. If you’d like to help me, you can send me a PM! I promise to reposnd quicker this time. I’m waiting for your response.