Names for a Love interest and main character

I am thinking about making a story about a girl how thinks she has a normal life but she is rich and her bad gets her a bodyguard i want them to be of Different races and religion so I want their names to kind of match what their religions are so you can pick a religion and a name for the main character and love interest

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Different origins:

Neriah & Asael

Minya & Alem

Fidelia & Efren

Esin & Levent

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This is the thread relating to names. These are of different origins meaning places, countries, and races.

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OH sorry i Thought this was still my other topic thank you

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No worries! I can also include where they originate from :slight_smile:

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cool thank you

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Here’s what I know for religion.

The two most popular religions.

Christianity: You can use names from the bible

e.g Jordan, Daniel, Isaac etc for male
Ruth, Hannah, Naomi, etc for female


e.g Aliya/Aliyah/Aaliyah, Fatima, Zara, Farah etc for female
Ibrahim, Hassan, Abdul, Hakeem, Hamza, Habib etc for male

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