Names for kingdoms and characters

I’m creating a story and as you already know I am looking for kingdom names and names for royal characters. Names similar to Lumeria.

Kingdom of Crit
Aine means queen of fairies

found a great generator for these!! i needed the same thing

can you think of an evil queens name?

I can look it up for you if you would like

Yes, please. That’d be a gigantic help. Also could you find princess and prince’s names…
Like Buttercup, Anastasia…

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Yes I can… I’ll screenshot them and send them here to you


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Princess names

Prince names

Going to find queen name now… evil queen

okay thanks

find NY?:

Find any?***

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Yes about to send them

Evil Queen

Princess Genera?
Princess Solace?
Prince Gethan?
Prince London?
came up with those at the top of my head ; )
for the evil queen…
kingdom names…
Shadow Land
lol I don’t know if you still need these, but here ya go