Names for my episode characters - Main Girl

Im writing a story but I honestly don’t like the names I have for the characters.
I wish to make a couple of polls where you can vote for the most loved name.
If you have your own name suggestions you can comment as well.

Role: Main Character
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Personality: Very kind but can be very sassy when she wants to be.
She’s strong and independent, at least she wants to be. She doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do.

Character bio:
She had a normal life until she bumped into a criminal gang and they had to kidnap her. Living at the Leaders house she’s very sassy to him and tries to show she’s not afraid of him or anyone.
She shows how strong a woman can be. After a while she falls in love and changes into a bad*ss girl who doesn’t let anyone mess with her as she defends and protects the ones she loves

  • Eliza
  • Liz (Lizbeth)
  • Kiara
  • Kira
  • Kate (Katherine)
  • Alicia
  • Amily

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Kiara is my old dogs names so I voted for that she just passed :sob:

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Aw I’m really sorry :frowning: well, I would love to name a character of mine after your dog :slight_smile:
even if it won’t be the main character. And with a shoutout if u like lol :grin:

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