Names you like but would never use them in an episode story

Or irl doesnt matter. For me, I would never use Zendaya or Vereena. I would never use the name Zendaya because umm excuse me, Zendaya should be the one and only to walk this planet bc shes iconic. i can go on&on about Zendaya but that’s not the point anywho I would not use the name Vereena bc again I would only think about Vereena (irl) and honestly her name is just as iconic as Zendaya’s. Also I would never use my own name in a story for another character. If I want to make an appearance in the background, I would use my name but not for an episode character. Maybe I can use Xuri or Zuri :thinking:. Lmk which names you like but wouldn’t use.


I like the name Mia, but I wouldn’t name one of my characters that because it’s extremely overused. I also like how the name Styx looks, but everyone would associate the character with a stick :chopsticks:


Petra is one of my favorite names. Would never use it.


I LOVE the name Arya, but I could never use it, cuz no matter how hard I try, I can never create a character as strong as Arya from Game of Thrones 🥲

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Mia. I like it, but the only reason I wouldn’t use it is because that’s my daughter’s name. If I were to make a character of my daughter, then yeah I’d keep her named as Mia because well, she’s Mia but I could never write a character that isn’t her and name them Mia. It’d be too weird for me to use unless I use it as a nickname for something else (Miya for Miyazaki for example).


I love the name Mia. That was the name of my MC from Diary of a Middle School Teacher. It’s also my top choice for a girl’s name, if I have kids. :sunflower:

I probably wouldn’t use my mom’s name, Katina, on an Episode character because even though it is a common name in my mom’s country (Greece), for me it’s very exclusive as it reminds me so much of her.