Names your tired of seeing or common names in episode stories

I want to know the names of males and females (especially MCs & LIs) that you’re tired of seeing or that is vv frequently used


I wouldn’t say I’m tired of seeing them, but I have read a lot of stories with the LI name as “Liam”. Is that just me? I feel like that’s a pretty popular one… :woman_shrugging:


Axel, maybe because I am Danish but its an old mans name. which is why I gave it to an old man in my story

and Buster, too


axel, jax, aiden, chad, and hunter as love interest names are :roll_eyes:
alyssa as an mc name is straight up :nauseated_face:


wait, why don’t you like the name Alyssa?

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Yeah, especially that one :grimacing:


Brody, Ryder, Ava, and Riley. Sorry if anyone gave these names to their main characters, but I’ve seen them in way too many stories, and they weren’t really my favorite names to begin with.


Noah, Liam, Luna, Axel, Hunter, Scar



Ryder, Aaron, Damian.

They’re nice names but I see them a lot. Damian I see especially a lot for bad boy princes :sob:

I’d say tho if you have your MCs or LIs name on here, you don’t have to change it. It’s not going to negatively affect anyone’s reading experience, I promise


here are my lists…


Ryan, Dylan, Alex, Axel, Lion, Scar, Hunter, Jaiden, Jax, Toby, Liam, Brody, Noah, Asher, Jackson, Lucas, Aiden, Leo, Jasper, Wyatt, Caden, Mason, Matt / Matthew, Cole, Carter, Ryder, Levi, Zain (Zane? Zayn? idc), Owen, James, Chase.


Ava, Aria, Emma, Emily, Grace, Mia, Sophia, Evelyn, Hazel, Luna, Violet, Allison, Skylar, Emily, Ashley, Madison, Leah, Audrey, Alexa, Ariana, Isabella (Bella), Olivia, Anna, Ella, Kayla, Madelyn, Eva, Lily, Haley, Riley, Jessica, Mary, Keira.

Honestly I just really hate names that feel like the author tried to be quirky and came up with some random *ss letter combination bc they’re scared of common names. Like you can have a cool name without reaching the territory of “I’m going to name my two MCs Lead and Graphite” :unamused:

I also can’t stand the names in my lists because they’re either over-used for MCs, over-used for love interests, over-used for “bad boys,” and over-used for the “mean girl.”


Xander and Hailey :sob::raised_back_of_hand:
If anyone’s characters are named either Hailey or Xander, I’m sorry i didn’t mean to be rude sksjks :sneezing_face::heartbeat:

Hunter, Noah (ironically a have a Noah in my story too. But he’s not an LI :sweat_smile:), Lorenzo


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oh my god i just wanted to say this

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idk but i feel like bella and anna anne and all these names are overused

it’s not that i dislike the name, it’s that i dislike how often it’s used. the name is so overused to the point where i find it annoying to continue reading stories that have it as an mc name.