Naming a Character


I would like to have the character choose their own name. I’m running into two problems.

  1. It won’t let me do input in the Preview tab, and it says “My name is AutoBot.” I’m not sure if this would happen when I publish my story, but I’m doing the code that was in the guide.

input What’s Your First Name|What’s Your First Name|Done(NAME)

  1. How can I make my main character’s name display the name that the reader chose? I tried putting the display name as [NAME] but it won’t let me use brackets in the character editor. (Besides, I doubt that would work.)

Please get back to me as soon as possible… Thanks in advance!


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I’d recommend checking out Dara’s thread. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Yep that thread will show you how to add the name on top of speech bubbles. But the web previewer does not show input codes so you will need to test that in be app.


Thank you so much!!!


No problem. Happy to help! :blush:


Thanks to all those who responded! Closing thread :v:t2:

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