Naming Characters Help!

Hi there!

I’m having a bit of trouble with allowing the readers to name the characters. I can get the readers to add the names they want, but whenever I try and format it so they are called by the name they want, it doesn’t work. So, I’ve put (NAME)/[NAME] instead of the character’s name and all that, but it still doesn’t work!

Help please!!

This thread explains the whole {FIRSTNAME} thing:

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Thanks for sending me this! I’m a bit unsure where character settings is though

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Your character setting is where you make your characters

Sorry for being a bother haha

I’ve done everything they suggest and I tried it out on the app and it still doesn’t work? It just comes up with FIRSTNAME over the speech bubble

For your script? Did you try naming the character when you test it out?


Did you try resetting the game progress and testing it out on the app? The preview on the computer cannot always be trusted

Still doesn’t work

Omg its working now :slight_smile:

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Oh gosh. I am happy it is!

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Thank you so much for all your help!!

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Solved and closed. :smiley: