Naming characters - What's your process?

For most of the characters, it depends on their ethnicity and what kind of vibe I want the character to have. I don’t know if this makes sense but to me personally different names give off different vibes so I just like to watch those. Baby name websites are also a great place to go looking :joy:


I personally look up a list of names and pick out a few I like and get the meanings and origins of each and make sure I know how to say/spell them before using. Once I have my list of names I look at my character and match the name to what I think my character would like most (little confusing Ik :joy:)


Oooh, no that makes perfect sense! If you don’t mind I’d like your opinion on something as I’m currently looking up names. What do you think about the name Maylea for a girl known to be a free-spirit/full of life/energetic and cheerful? The name ultimately means wildflower and I love the symbolism it has.


That sounds really good actually. Before I even read ur full comment I thought that the name sounds cute and innocent and free

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