Naming crisis, help please!

I’m struggling to choose between two names. I’ve been planning this story for a little while and haven’t been able to pick which name I prefer…I think they’re both cute. Help!

  1. Audrey Clara (I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn for this name and Clara just fit perfectly)
  2. Calista “Callie” Meadow (I fell in love with this one for a time because it’s just cute.)

Her last name is Hayes.

Some stuff to know about my MC if it helps:

  • she’s in high school
  • very kind and sweet and friendly with everyone
  • loves animals
  • she is known to be understanding and protective with those she loves
  • not afraid to defend herself and will stick up for the “little guy”
  • she is the best at karaoke night (this was just funny to think about, idk why.)

True to inspiration, I think the first one is classier and flows better.


Calista is a very unique name, but I agree that the first one sounds better, too. Calista feels kind of stormy and wild, while Meadow is very sweet. I’d go with the first one.

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