Naming MCs and LIs help!

Hey guys!
So on this thread I was thinking that we could all help each other out!
So how it could work would be: you give names that match what another individual was asking for, and you can also ask for help finding names!

For example: I want a name for a girl that connects to the idea of a savior. And for a male, I want something that connects to angels.
If anyone can help please comment down below. If you need help with your own name feel free to ask below!


Female: Alexandra, it means to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect
Male: A lot of names mean angel but the one that would go best with Alexandra according to me would be Michael.

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Ooh pretty thank you!

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Female: Ramona, it’s the female version of the Spanish name “Ramon”, meaning protector/ wise savior.

Male: Gabriel, it’s one of the first ones I think of, as it’s a biblical name meaning an angel of joy, life, etc. He’s also the one who gave news of Jesus’ birth so it seems fitting.

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Beautiful names!:blue_heart:

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