Naming twins, wanna help me out?

Like I said in the title, I’m naming a pair of twins in my story (one of them is the MC) and I need some help. I’m struggling to find a meaningful name/or maybe not with so much meaning, though I do like messing with the meanings of the name.

For example, I named my MC: Maeve Layla and together the names mean she who intoxicates the night, or if you go by her whole first name, she who understands the night, but she goes by Maeve. Either way, her name is beautiful, in my opinion.

I am paying a lot of attention to how I design and create the personality of my twins, I love what I have for them so far and would like to find the perfect names for them. I could use some help in the naming department if any of you can devote a little time in helping me with that, I would greatly appreciate it.

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What gender is MC’s twin?

Here are some name pairs (for girl and boy) I find unique:

  • Sakya & Salih
  • Kolaiah & Kael
  • Dariya & Damon
  • Eliana & Eliott/Elias
  • Nailea & Nalo
  • Livya & Lash
  • Valia & Vance
  • Amaiah & Aarav
  • Rochelle & Raimond

A boy. I want something that’s not too out there and something that’s not too overused in other Episode stories.


I might be able to help you find a name. But I would need more to go on regarding the type of person the character is.
Feel free to DM me, and tell me some things about them… like:

Star Sign
Traits/faults that make them who they are.

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