Narrating for Character with custom name?

I’m trying to have a character with a custom name narrate for part of a scene but I can’t figure out how to get the custom name to show up instead of the display name? I included the naming choice script below, I have a custom name set for the MC as well under a different label, not sure if having multiple custom names may be the issue

What is his name?

label name_input2
input What’s His Name?|What’s His Name?|Done(NAME2)
if (NAME2 is “”) {

 We're not doing this again, he needs a name.

goto name_input2
} else {

The character’s script name is LI and display name is NAME2 so I’m a little lost on the narrating part. Essentially, what I’m trying to make happen is this:

      NARR (insert here whatever script will make NARR read as whatever the custom name is)
 Dialogue etc etc...

I’d really appreciate any insight!

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Continue to use the script name in the script. So if the character’s script name is LI, then the narrator would look like this:

Dialogue here.

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@Dara.Amarie It worked, thank you!

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