Narrating while characters interact check

hello all, was wondering how I can code my characters interacting while narration is going on?

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This might only be part of the problem, but the word “start” for animations means that the character will begin to use an animation while the program instantly continues onto the next line or part. Therefore, August will switch instantly from talk_sheepish_rubneck to idle_sad_loop and you will be unable to see him talking. In order to create a pause between the animations, you’ll want to use “is.” Like this:

&AUGUST is talk_sheepish_rubneck and AMELIA3 is idle_sad_loop THEN AMELIA3 is deepbreath THEN AMELIA3 is talk_unsure and AUGUST is idle_sad_loop

If only you knew then.

By using “is”, the animation must play out (for about one second) before moving onto the next line or part. In this case, August would talk for about one second then look sad. I hope this helps.

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Thank you love! xoxo!

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