Narrating while two people are talking

Hi guys, so I have a slight problemo… So while my character Vanessa is narrating I want her and Amber to appear like their talking and idk how to do that. Is there anyone who could help me with this?


Use the & command like this:

&VANESSA is talk_…
&AMBER is talk_…
Insert your script here.

How would that look tho? Could you give me an example

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Your script should look like this:

&AMBER is …
#write your talking animation instead of the dots

Insert your dialogue here.

Sweet thank you this helped a lot!

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You’re welcome!

oh i thought it would be

&VANNESSA is talk… AND AMBER is talk…

insert dialogue here

It can also be that :slight_smile:

OOOH okay haha thanks for letting me know !