Narration in first or third person

I notice when I’m writing in first and third person which i know I shouldn’t do…

So my character isn’t customisable in anyway. Is better to write the narration in third person or is it ok to write as first person?

if you tell the reader they’re playing as this person, then it’s better to write in 1st person :)) makes it much more believable and enjoyable <3

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Yaa she’s totally legit

I like either if they’re written really well, but I’m generally more used to 1st person.


I always write in 1st person, so the readers can better relate to the main character and understand their thoughts and actions. It doesn’t matter if the MC is customisable or not.


I feel like the third person point of view is already shown through the directing. It would make your story more relatable if it’s in the first person, even if the main character is not meant to be self-insert.


thanks guys really appreciate that replies. I liked 1st person and then started writing 3rd person because i figured it wasnt a customisable character, but since that doesn’t actually matter i will make it all 1st person. :heart: