Narrative & Dialogue Help, Guides & Classes

Hey there!
I’m Autumn, I’m creating a google class where you learn about narrative and dialogue for episode stories and how to keep the readers interested! The code is: z9tad0d
Free free to join, all are welcome. There will be a max limit but only if lots of people join!!
Thank you! :slight_smile:


Like what is an example of what I would learn when I sign up?

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The sort of things I would be teaching would be:

  • Making characters more unique in their dialogue.
  • Adding a comedy effect.
  • Writing dialogue for difficult scenes such as: arguments, discussing topics, flirting etc.
    It is completely free so join if you would like :blue_heart:
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Many other things too! :wink:

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uh huh…does one of these lessons include lame pick up lines??? SIGN ME UP <3

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COME JOIN!! And yes of course hair flip