Narrator dialogue bubble?

How do I create this type of “thought” bubble? :sweat_smile:

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you can choose the speech bubble type youd like when creating your story.

if youre talking about the type of bubble like that , this is how you do it :
[enter speech here].

hope this helps !

If you want it too look like a narration and not an actual thought bubble it’s
Blah blah blah.

But if you mean the style, then you’ll have to choose what style when you first create your story, it’ll pop up, you won’t miss it.

Like others said above, you have to type out NARRATOR (CHARACTER NAME). If you mean the actual style of the speech bubble and the fact that it’s purple, after you create your story you’ll see that underneath where it says ‘Work on your story’, it will have an option to click on the ‘Speech Bubbles’ section. This is where you can choose the colours, grey, blue, purple or pink.

I hope this helps and if you still don’t understand, feel free to pm me. :relaxed:

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