Narrator ERROR? confused

so at the end of my script the narrator says “to be continued” which is automatically put in once you start a new chapter.
i’ve never had a problem with this and i’m about halfway through my chapter, then when i go to save, it says UNEXPECTED CHARACTER: NARRATOR
it’s weird because it’s been there the whole time and there’s never been a problem with it until now. does anyone know how to fix it?

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I’m sure this will help you or maybe you didn’t add a character name NARRATOR or you didn’t put

insert dialogue

Can you post a screenshot of the script?? :relaxed:

i did add it

i don’t know how

You could download a screenshot app and screenshot your script

Take a screenshot or you can just copy and paste here :heart:

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it’s literally so simple idk why its saying there’s an error

Can you put a little more before and after you put the narrator bubble?? :hugs:

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it’s at the end of my script but heres the before: (i did a cc)

goto boy_custom_1

label boy_end_1
@pause for 0

#readerMessage This template was created in collaboration with @dara.amarie.ep on IG!


“No, he already looks hot!”{

goto customizejamesend


label customizejamesend

Is this his look?

“Yes, he looks cute AF!”{

goto customizejamesendall

“No, I made a mistake!”{

goto boy_custom_1




What do you have after the “Pause”?

nothing because it’s the end of my script

You forgot the world label



now its saying there are these errors

ERROR: You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or { }

@NAME starts” is not a valid directing command

ahh im sorry im being so problematic lol sorry

i figured out the name one, now theres just the error

@CHARACTER is animation
@CHARACTER starts animation

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