Narrator name appearance


Pineapples on Pizza!

Although @YOU is entered in as [FIRSTNAME], why doesn’t it appear on screen as

Pineapples on Pizza!

Instead, I get

Pineapples on Pizza!


If you’re using the web previewer it’s totally normal! Although you should see it on your phone


But on Mobile it says,

And that was the day the Pineapples sold out.

I want it to say YOU


Ah, I see your problem.

When you give the reader’s the option to choose their name, write YOU instead of FIRSTNAME.

So... what's your name?

label first_name_input

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(YOU)

if (YOU is “”) {

You do need a name...

goto first_name_input

} else {


Oh wait did you let readers type in their name?


It all says YOU

So, should I put,



You’re confusing me. Did you let readers type in their name?


So you want it to say YOU ? In that case you need to change the display name of your character.



Can you please answer my question or I can’t help you.




Which command did you use to let the readers choose their own name?






Did you put it in the first of the CC or last?


It shouldn’t matter.


Well t kind of does since you let the reader type i their name after the CC then it will just appear the YOU


As long as the choice to type in your name isn’t after you start writing out a full scene dialogue then it should not affect it… lol.


Then there is no point, you can’t put FIRSTNAME as a narrator you can only put the YOU


So do I have to make another character called YOU at this point?
Cause I think the problem is Script named is YOU…probably should’ve put YOU1 or something