Narrator think speech bubble?

I am trying to get a narrator speech bubble with someone’s name to be more transparent instead of solid white. Is that even possible?

I tried:

(blah blah)

And this did not work.

You don’t need to add the brackets, only the text. I don’t think there is a narrator THINK speechbubble, but use only for the character to think speechbubble.


blah blah.

hm, im not sure how it does I don’t think so…hm

I know there’s a way because it happens in a lot of stories (not episode taken over stories, but community ones). It’s not necessarily a THINK bubble but more transparent like it.

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I think it depends on which speech bubble color you choose. The purple one has the transparent narrator box.

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Maybe that’s it, thank you!


That worked!! Thank you so much!

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