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At this shop, we give directing tips, splashes, covers, overlays, backgrounds, characters, script errors, etc! I specialize in Directing Tips and basic splashes! I’m looking for some people who can work for me! I will need to know. What you specialize in, whether you’re active or not and why do you want to work here? Order’s can come in. I can try covers as well! :star_struck:


Give people who help you credit if they want it.
Do not say a piece of art is yours if it isn’t.
Be respectful and patient.
Be nice!

Thanks for visiting! <3


Uh, I can do virtually anything (proofreading, basic splashes, drawn splashes, same with covers, directing tips, art scenes, spot templates…)
I’m active quite often.
I want to be able to practice improving my skills, and I think this would be a good way of doing it.


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Welcome to the team! You can start right away! Should I make a separate thread for the shop and this the hiring?

Maybe, yeah.


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I can do art scenes, covers, pfps, drawn splashes, and custom poses. It’s been awhile since I’ve done art and I want to get back into it. The most recent is the purple elf.

Is it okay if I only do one request at a time? I’m limiting my workload because I don’t want to stress or over exert myself.

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Of course welcome to the official team!

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Thank you so much :purple_heart::heart:

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Can I join?

Hello! can i join here are my examples:


I can make outfits if you want!