Nat's shop is open!

Hello! I am opening up my shop! I am only going to do 2 kinds of stuff. These can be used for your stories, and even suggest me! Make sure to give me credit tho!

1) Covers (Big and Small)
2) Splashes

I can only do a minimum amount, because remember I am a human being! I GET TIRED! xD. Just tell me what you like below and I’ll help. <3

I’ll try to get them done as quick as possible. If I can’t get them done that day, then tomorrow. If I cant do what you asked for I’m sorry, but I can’t or I’ll try my best <3


Any Examples


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Below :grinning:

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Can I have something like the first one? Let me get my screenshots.


Hey I want big and small cover can you can you make that for me…?

Here is the first one


It’s in Limelight so where I should sent you the details…

What would you like me to do with it?

Pm me

I would like the example above, but just with these two. The Man is on the left, and The Women is on the right. Is there any possibility the background can look like the one above but with black?

I can try, if not Im sorry. I’ll try to get urs done tomorrow ok?

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how many characters you do can do in a cover


@Ryan please close this. Unfortunately, my dad is in the hospital right now. He is bleeding for a surgery. I am very busy right now. So the shop is closed…I’m very sorry guys

Ryan isn’t here no more
We have @Sydney_H and @Jeremy

Also I hope your dad is alright :two_hearts:

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@Sydney_H plz close this

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