Nat's Splash Shop is Here! (CLOSED)

Heyo, so I’ve seen a lot of these splashes around the episode community. I know how to make them. I am really experienced with this. I know there is a lot of splash shops going around, but this one will be done in about 15 to 10 minutes! (depends on the wait tho.)
All I need you to do, is either PM me for details, genre, and what kind of splash you’d like! Or just tell me right here!
Let me remind you, I do these for the sake of my free time. So only request if you’re going to use them! Do not request if you’re not going to use them. :angry:. So, without further ado, my new splashes are open. They are upto only 5 splashes. I am only free this week. So start asking before time runs out!!!

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Can you give some examples?

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I would love to have some splashed made, some for the mature themes warning and some to turn sound up. Please pm me if you want to do it, thanks :grinning:

You know the warning scene and turn sound up. Yeah there like that, except edited.

Here’s a sample!

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What is the pink line on the bottom??? Did you cover up a WaterMark??

You NEVER want to do that if that’s what you did.

Closing as you have a duplicate thread here :v:t2: