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Naygrad Cay

–wow aren’t you lucky. A chance to win $50,000 and have a chance to meet the love of your life. Either way there a great benefit. Not only that but you also get a road trip and free staying at one of the most beautiful places in the world, Naygard cay in the Bahamas. The island has been rented it for the duration of the summer (3 months). Guests are free to go into town or do whatever else their heart desires.
_Though this seems like paradise not only is this trip trying to bring strangers together but you are on camera and you may think you are in privacy but little do you know the whole world can see you and hear you. And all your secrets. Be careful who you trust. Drama will come and go over the three months, relationships will grow and fizzle out. What’s your story?
-Each person will have a secret that at some point in the time on the Island will be told to the whole world and also all the contenders.
-There will be challenges and the two winners [one male/one female] will get a reward. If it is a couple’s challenge, then whoever wins will get a random prize or a date together.

Sign ups

Characters Reelationships

___ likes ___

  • = enemies
    ~ = Friends
    – = Dating
    -/- = Dated
    : = like each other

PLOT ideas/ challenges
The house


  • if you want to help out with this I would love to have people to
  • @Annaliese_Clairemont is also on this to help!
  • No characters can be homosexual in order for this roleplay to play out.
  • If you’re going to swear, use the blur or *'s!
  • Sex scenes are allowed but skip.
  • The only electronics allowed in the house are your speaker, phones (in which you cannot text or facetime or snapchat) and one TV
  • If you intend on making more than one character, make the genders equal. Like, if you’re making a girl but plan on making another character, make a boy.
  • max characters is 4.
  • Make dramatic characters, but remember, keep them believable!
  • All faceclaims must be of real people! (No drawings/animations and obviously only humans)
  • Lastly, please stay active!
  • sign ups due aug 22.

New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]
Aura High. Rp signups open. Anyone is welcome!

Can I reserve a girl and a boy?


@Stxphanix yes!


I’ll sign up soon


Can I help with the RP?


yes if course! message me your email and ill add you to all the docs so you can also add people and all that! @Annaliese_Clairemont


Reserve 1 girl and 1 boy


@Chay of course!!


Reserve for 1 girl and 1 boy please!


@Mimi0829, okay!!!

The selection - RP



@Mimi0829 AWESOME will add them soon


I’m gonna make my boy now but I’ve submitted the girl only so far


@Mimi0829 yes I added her


bumping really wanna do this!


Isn’t this kind of like Are you the one??? But ok
EDIT one girl reserve
EDIT 2 I’ll just submit now


Done… signed up


Can you add confident in Ashley’s personality


@Kate_potter yes ill add that. yes its basically a mix of are you the one and love island and bachelor in paradise. if you watch any of those lol
@chay, adding them :slight_smile:


we have 3 girls // 4 boys