Naygrad Cay Love - sign ups


Seems cool. I’m going to reserve in a bit but I might do two girls two boys if that’s okay? @Madilnel


@ScarletSwanHunter yes of course!!!


Can I help with the RP as well?? (However, I have to say I’ve never done this before)


At one time we were all new to it…


Sorry but I don’t think I can do this rp as I’m doing too many right now.


I know but I just felt like it was sth “important” to know haha


Yeah sure! @amaiaxx21


We have 5 girls and 3 boys. once all forms are done and added to the FC doc and we at least get two more boys then we can start.

@episode_claires claires


I can get you one boy and one girl I believe is what I reserved for.


yes thats fine. forms are technically not due until August 22 so you do have time.




Wait are there two Naygrad Cay love rps??


@Kate_Potter, there was, we closed the other one to remake it here.


Oh cool I was just a bit confused


@Kate_Potter lol yeah sorry! we did that one a little different and changed it up


Yeah I was like wut player? Music lover? WAAAAT? lol


@Kate_Potter yeah got rid of that stuff!!




Omg I forgot singing to hobbies plz


@Kate_Potter ill add it!