Naygrad Cay Secrets - Sign-ups -


–wow aren’t you lucky. A chance to win $50,000 and have a chance to meet the love of your life. Either way there a great benefit. Not only that but you also get a road trip and free staying at one of the most beautiful places in the world, Naygard cay in the Bahamas. The island has been rented it for the duration of the summer (3 months). Guests are free to go into town or do whatever else their heart desires.
Though this seems like paradise not only is this trip trying to bring strangers together but you are on camera and you may think you are in privacy but little do you know the whole world can see you and hear you. And all your secrets. Be careful who you trust. Drama will come and go over the three months, relationships will grow and fizzle out. What’s your story?

-Each person will have a secret that at some point in the time on the Island will be told to the whole world and also all the contenders.
-There will be challenges and the two winners [one male/one female] will get a reward.

The music lover
Reserved/age/ @Drama_Queer
He is an amazing singer and can pretty much play any instrument which causes girls to fall for him. he can be a little shy at first but once you know him he will open up

the Jokester
He is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet and always jokes around. this might be why people can never take him seriously. he also knows how to have a good time!

The nice guy
He is a sweetie and takes everyones feelings into consideration. He knows how to woe a girl but then usually ends up getting put in the friend zone for being “too nice”.
reserved/age/@Littlefeets /

The athlete
He has always been in sports his whole life. Caring more about what he looks like and if he will get a medal for what he’s doing.
Beau Nixon/22/@Madilnel /

The bad boy
He is always getting into or causing trouble. He doesn’t usually care what others think of him and doesn’t usually even care of others feelings.
Reserved/age/@bossyroxy411 /secret

The player
He is always breaking girls heart and is the second richest person here. he has had over 100 girls and each and everyone of them broke their hearts…
Reserve/age/@Ella /

the hopeless romantic
_She has always been the “love at first sight” girl but she just can’t seem to find the boy for her and her relationships always end up going wrong. She is very beautiful _

Southern bell
reserved/@Drama_Queer /age
She is from the south and is usually the life of the party! she knows how to make anything fun.

The sweetheart
_She is the girl who is always helping people out and is just so kind. She always tries and sees the good in others. _
Venus /20/@Madilnel

The rebel
Se never listens as if the word “rules” don’t exist, well at least in her dictionary. She likes to be the boss and can somewhat come off as a b*tch but maybe that is just a shell
Reserved/age/@wildstyle103 /secret

The flirt
She always gets the boy and doesn’t take no for an answer. She can twirl her hair and wink like she was born to do this.
Lexi Ortega/18/@Mimi0829

The girl next door
She is laid back and can get along with anyone. She isn’t scared to get down and dirty and usually she can relate better with the boys.
reserved/age/@Ella /

-Make dramatic characters, but remember, keep them believable!
-You do not have to create two characters but if you want to it needs to be one of each gender.
-No characters are allowed to be homosexual in order for this to work, sorry!
-All faceclaims must be of real people! (No drawings/animations and obviously only humans)
-Sex is allowed but obviously no graphic details.
-Lastly, please stay active!


I ask that all sign ups are done in 72 hours please!!


Reserve! This sounds interesting!


reserve for the girl next door and the player


Both reserved!


boys open;; The bad boy
girls open;; The rebel


Can I reserve for the nice guy?


yes! I will do that rn!


sounds very interesting but how do you role play? I have no experience but I want to try it out? is there a group chat or something?>?


Can I reserve for the rebel girl


i want to reserve for the rebel girl!


@wildstyle103 just reserved for that lol


lol oki any other spots open?


I reserved first and yet I forgot to pick a character I’m so fucking dumb


there’s only the bad boy now lol


Ugh. :nauseated_face: I hate playing the bad boy. No offense.


do you want to do the player instead? it was mine but you can do it


No! My stupid head forgot to fully reserve so you deserve to keep your one!


no it’s fine! i have the girl next door too! i probably won’t be able to deal with 2 characters anyway lol


I could be the bad boy if no one wants to be him I don’t mine


Bleugh. I don’t want him, that’s for sure. Again, no offense.