Nayu's Art Shop 🌸 [Closed to catch-up]

Hey love I would like to request a normal bust up art from you yours arts so cute!

  • Name of Character: Madhu
  • Character Details:

my ll deets:
skin: neutral 03
body: female generic
eyebrows: arched thin black dark
eyes: round medium brown black
face: soft heart
nose: round button
lips: small heart rose light nude gloss

something like that but no glasses

  • Pose Reference: (I will ONLY reference, and NOT traced)
    here it is and the hands are tied back
  • Background: (you choose, it can also be transparent) u can make it transparent i will add bg myself
  • Extras: (anything else you want me to take note of or add?)
    The theme is cute and lovely.

Pls let me know if u need more info on something

Password: I love pink skies :cherry_blossom:


Thank you for ordering! <33


Thanks for accepting my request!

PS: And I’m currently working on your moodboard as well… :wink:


Thank u for accepting! I’ll put my request (the one I dmed a few hrs ago) in the chat so u can keep track :sweat_smile:

A chibi request :cloud:

  • Name of Character: Aria
  • Character Details:
  • Character Outfit: what she’s wearing on the character card ((:
  • Pose Reference: (I will ONLY reference, and NOT traced) image can I have this pose bc it’s freakin adorable
  • Background: (you choose, it can also be transparent) png transparent pls!

Thank u for accepting, beautiful. :cupid::cherry_blossom:

I love pink skies :cherry_blossom:


Could you have Hazel be the one blowing the bubbles on the left and Audenzia on the right, not sure if this helps or not but Hazel is around 5 years old while Audenzia is much older than her


noted, thank you!!

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hello, some info are kinda cut-off on my end :(( (i can’t see the character details, or any pictures for that matter)
will be accepting this form once you edit it :> take your time!


@Zensthetic heya!! This will remain open for a little while until I receive too many orders. As long as the two characters are on separate images, then yes, you can make the request :>

@Madhu hello! by hands tied back, do you mean they’re tied with a rope? or she’s tying her hair? ;w; also Im not sure if you’ve written what her hairstyle/haircolor is. Once clarified, I’ll accept. thank you!


<333 ToT tysm for accepting that request!! I’m very excited :cherry_blossom:


yep like tieing her hair and its a ponytail hairstyle


@nayu.ep I was wondering if this piece was a random one or a a request u made for someone else if its a random one she resembles a character from my character and i was in need of art like that a few days back would u mind if i use it in my story with proper credits? if not thats fine i can request one like this after a few days if u dont mind…


noted! is the hair color the same as the one from the outfit reference? It’s not yet stated ;w;

Oh actually she’s from my story that I haven’t published yet, so it’s not a random one (so i cant let someone use it) :(( Thank you for asking for permission!!


Yep i understand lol no worries! Just had to ask will request a similar one later then!

and yeah the hair is brown blackish color


thank you for all the clarifications! accepted :cherry_blossom:

Thank you for understanding! I’m glad you took an interest in my work :>


ofc they look so adorable and the style that resembles to anime will always be my fav!


for some reason, I can’t edit my post, so I’ll reply here.

Password: I love pink skies :cherry_blossom:

Chibi Half-body Form
  • Name of Character: Karmen

  • Character Details:

• Neutral 01 (Female Generic Body)
• Straight Medium (Black Dark)
• Lob Bangs Blunt (Black Dark)
• Round Medium (Brown Medium)
• Round Soft
• Round Button
• Small Heart (Pink Peach Medium Gloss)

  • Character Outfit:
    Long Sleeved Loose Sweater Jean Shorts Grey Blue

  • Pose Reference: (I will ONLY reference, and NOT traced)


  • Background: (you choose, it can also be transparent)

  • Extras: (anything else you want me to take note of or add?)

btw love your chibi avatar, it’s cute! :sparkles:


This is sooo cute - I really love your style! :heart_eyes: I would love to make a request for a bust up character if this is still possible?? :sparkling_heart: However, I’m in town rn and can’t enter the deets right now… :see_no_evil:


Hey, I can see that your waitlist is almost full, are you still open for requests or should I wait until you have worked out some requests? By the way your edits are amazing!



Request accepted!! And thank you :cherry_blossom:

Yep!! You’ll be the last one added on the waitlist so feel free to fill out the form when you’re ready :>

Thank you for asking!! I was about to close the shop for a bit after the last person hahaha- so yes it’s best if you wait after I finish the other requests :wink:
And thank you!!! That made my day :heart::heart:


aaah this is great - thank you :relaxed: I will fill it out asap - have an amazing day, btw! :cupid: