NDWrites Outline Contest


So I decided “what the hell lets do an outline contest”. So here it is…
I will choose 3 winners who will get to choose between

  • An Edit made by me
  • Shoutout in my story/ instagram
  • A character in my upcoming story

The outline:

Deadline: August 10th
I look forward to seeing the entries!


Cool outline! I’m entering!! If I finally stop procrastinating… :joy:


thank you! Cant wait to see it if you get to it


OFC you can join, Im sure what ever you come up with will be amazing


He is a Daddy :heart_eyes: Looks likes a country boy to me (Dream Man Lol)



Thats awesome, thank you so much for entering


I don’t usually enter outline contests but I think I will this one, he looks too good to not enter :see_no_evil:

Outline Entry

Here’s mine :slight_smile:

I wish I had more free time :frowning:


This is amazing ! Thank you so much for your entry :heart:


No thank you, I haven’t done an edit for ages so this was nice to do :slight_smile: Just wish I had the free time to do it how I wanted it.

Good luck with the contest :+1:


I honestly think your entry is better than my original :heart:️:scream:


I prefer yours, I like the tattoo’s :heart_eyes:


I’ll enter after I finish a couple requests I have!


Here’s my… art?? Idek what it even is😂


He likes parks…


This is great thx for entering


Sorry If I can’t but can I update my entry? :see_no_evil: I had some free time today to make it better…

New Outline Entry


Sure I’ll count this one as your entry


Thanks :blush:


I’ll join


Look forward to seeing it