Necessary Evil Fan Club 😈

Honestly this is the legit best story I read on this app. I know I say this all the time but this is just the top one. How can a story be so perfect? The God damn pacing, it’s so good that it makes me want more. The story revolves around multiple things but still connects to one. It got even me wanting longer episodes, and I hate long episodes. The plot is too good, the characters are likable, we finally have a MC with supernatural abilities that isn’t weak. The story is fiction but it talks about stigma around mental health and God damn can I just say how much I loved it? Honestly, I should have the right to beat up anyone who didn’t read the story. Y’all missing out on too much.

I recommend this story to people who like:

  • INK stories (If you are an INK “fan” and haven’t read this, boo.)
  • CC stories (A story with advanced directing that lets you customize? Sign me tf up.)
  • Fantasy mixing with thriller. There have been times where I was genuinely scared for characters and I don’t even get scared when watching horror movies at 3 AM. Y’all need to read ASAP.
  • MC’s that aren’t scared of every single thing. This gal knows her powers and importance.
  • Investigatement stories. There are multiple murders where you solve them, and it doesn’t drag on like some others.
  • Folklores that aren’t limited to vampires or werewolves. (This is the first story I saw with Wendigos and Ghouls. Hell yeah!)
  • Possibly the reason why author should be given an award- THE DIRECTING. This. Is. The. Best. Directing. I’ve. Seen. On. This. App. Anyone who disagrees will be banned from existing. I’m not kidding.

Go read it asap if you want to spend your passes on quality stories.


She’s so good. I just can’t understand how someone can create a such a beautiful story. Maybe I’m too stupid, oh well, maybe it’s necessary evil, i shall reach my prime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still feel her story is underrated I hope she hits 300k soon


YALL BETTER READ IT :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:



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I love this story so much. :sleepy:

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Me too :sneezing_face:

Hows your husband Dominic? :smirk:

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