Nedd story ideas!

Hi guys I’m think of myself as quite a good writer but on episode I seem to be having trouble thinking of ideas for a story and finishing the story! Could I have some story ideas please? Thanks!

I’ve some tips:

  1. You can’t think up good Episode stories in a day, so it can take a while. You can get ideas anywhere, so just go for a walk. Then you look around and suddenly you have an idea of what you can start thinking completely afterwards!

  2. Some people wants to create an Episode story, but aren’t good at writing. So make a new topic on forums and offer yourself as a writer for someone else’s story!

I hope this helped :wink:

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Thanks for the help!

However I can think of the ideas but when I start to write them they start to get a bit cliché as I’m interested in romance/drama and also just turn out bad. And as I am new to the coding on the app I struggle to write my story so may ask for help with that!

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I’m pretty new too. I didn’t release my first story yet, but I’m working on it.
I get ideas by the things I put in my other comment, but also by thinking of things that I like. In this way you can make ‘combinations’ that are nevertheless very fun and original. You also like to write to it, because it also contains your interests.

Thanks for your help,

I will try thinking of more ideas just not sure if I can get them to last as never been able to write an episode.

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Does anyone have any story ideas for me please!


Well let’s start here. What your favorite genre? So I can try helping you

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I’m interested in romance but don’t mind a bit of drama or mystery thrown in.

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Hmm Mkay I can work with this.

Here’s an idea:

Title: My Darkest Desires
Genre: Romance/Mystery/fantasy
Plot: It was the year 1805 and rumors were that there was creatures within the same location as where everyone was. Little do they know you’re one of em. Everyone sees them as creepy horrible creatures who are trying to harm everyone. You and your family has to leave and head to New York so that you can escape everything that’s going on. When you head to school you find it hard to control your emotions which causes your powers to attack people and loose control. Luckily for you, your brother will be attending high school with you and will help you learn about all your powers. What happens when you fall in love with dark nemesis.

Wow that actually is a really good idea !

I will note that down and see what other ideas I can put together!
Thanks for the help. If I choose to write something like this would you like to be credited? :slight_smile:

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Ofc np and haha no need :slight_smile:

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You wouldn’t possibly have anything a little less fantasy?

Just wondering as I don’t seem to lean towards fantasies to often! :blush:

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No worries. Hmm you can change the powers part and have your nemesis be the one your family is competing against for having the largest self -made company. When you both head to a charity event to donate money what happens when there family ends up there and everything erupts. You and him run away from all that drama and end up in some unknown place. You follow his lead and with time you fall for each other. Lol that’s all I can think of.

That’s fine! I can see what your meaning there.

Thanks for your help!!

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Ofc np :revolving_hearts:

thanks, ill work on it :slight_smile:

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