Need 1-2 Beta-Readers for My New Comedy Story

Hi there! I hope this post finds you well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m looking for 1-2 beta readers for my upcoming story.

:star2:Story info:

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Length: 4 episodes
  • Style: Limelight
  • Not 100% iPad friendly
  • Includes: full CC for the MC, a mildly chaotic plot with a lot of random humor, point system, use of overlay

:star2:I’m looking for beta readers who:

  • can handle comedy and parody
  • can spot directing mistakes

:star2:You will:

  • read four episodes of my story
  • point out directing issues that you spot throughout the story
  • Optional: point out grammatical/spelling errors, customize the MC at the beginning of the story to see if the customization template is correct, listen to the background music to see if it fits the scene

:star2:I will:

  • credit you at the end of every episode
  • give you a shout-out on IG when I announce the story (My IG: @titiresa_writes_)

If you’re interested, please comment below, and I will send you the link to my story.
Thank you in advance! :yay:

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Yes! I’ll love to be one of your beta reader’s.

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Hey I would love to be a beta reader

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