Need 2 main characters (and some background characters) for my new story!

So I’m writing a new story called Les-be-honest dating and I need 2 new main characters. They would need to be girls. The first two people to post would be the main characters, but you can still post after that and I’ll make you a background character. Please post name, hair and color, eyes and color, nose shape, face shape, skin tone, eyebrows, and outfit type. Thank you!

Hey, I don’t mind being in your story but is it in Lime light or INK


YAY I love INK Gimme a sec I’ll reply back with my description

Oki you can take your time

me!! :hugs::joy:

Name: Michaela (Coz thats my name :smiley:)
Hair: Cornrow Bun (Black)
Face: Ovel
Eyebrows: Classic Natural
Eyes: Round Luxe (Black)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: classic (Bordeaux)
Body: Ink Female (Mocha)

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Name: Ava, Alexandra, Winter, I don’t really mind. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Character Details

Outfit Style

Casual yet stylish, I think lol.

I hope I can be in your story! :wink:

Winter xx


lol winter you went all out :joy: :grin:

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I’ll make both of your characters asap

Feel free to dress me how u please

Also @Michaelap can you give me some of your outfit styles?

Oops sorry I didn’t realize you posted


Lol no worries, be sure to tell me when u post your story

Thanks. :smile:

@ReeseTheReallyGrumpy What @Michaelap said! :wink:


I’ll be sure to tell you both!

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K thnx :smiley: