Need 2 Overlays



I need two overlays done and was hoping someone would be able to help. I need a black eyebrow ring overlay and a tattoo overlay with the date 11216. They’re both for a male in ink if that matters.

Thank you!





Here are 3 of eye brow ring overlay. If you wish you can use them. No credit required. I hope this helps.


And as for tattoo, how do you want it to look like? in roman numbers or just simple numbers as given.


Thank you so much! I’m gonna use the bottom one!
And just simple numbers as given





Here, I made this. Is it okay or do you want font change.?


I love the font! I missed a number in the date, could I bother you to change it to 121216, if you don’t mind?
Also do you know how to get the overlays to show up? I’m trying to place it on my character but it’s not even showing up


Scratch the last part, I was reading the wrong story lol


sure, give me few mins, i will make it and send you.