Need a art cover for my story pls help if you can

i am writing my first episode, i need a limelight digital art story cover for free .so any of you will like to help i would really appreciate it.i really need it so pls help


You can request @episodecosmos in IG

bump !

I can

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thakyou so much i will dm you in ig

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i"ll check that

:white_heart: The Vintage Art Shop :white_heart: (Free PFP’s, Covers, Splashes, Overlays, Art Scenes, Character Cards and More)(FREE)(OPEN) this shop has all of your necessities.
We are also having a giveaway when the thread reaches 500 likes and there will be one winner.
The artists of that shop have contributed in the winner’s prize.
So go on and tell your friends to like That thread so that you can enter and possibly win a giveaway !!

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