Need a Art Cover


I’m writing a story about a Girl who is married to a rockstar and has to deal with her new lifestyle dealing with fame, tours, a band, marriage and personal life (cliche I know)
Anyways, I would appreciate it if someone can draw up a background for me! I’ll give credit to whichever artist’s Art I use. I don’t have any special request for looks as im letting readers customize characters, just looking for something grungy with a sweet young married couple on it.


I could do it for ya! As long as credits go to Episode Flowers (title is a work in progress! Haha)


Lol Okay thank you! Also I forgot to mention tho, the story will be in Limelight


Took let me see if we do limelight


Okay that’s fine


We can do limelight


send the details please


OK great, when I get home from work I will send them to you :slight_smile: