Need a Art editor


So for my story i would like some edited scenes, but i can’t edit for the life of me.
With edited i mean like it’s still episode but like hand around neck or hands grabbing something, you know what i mean?

If you do and you are interested let me know! :grin:

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Can you show me examples you need, maybe somethings like these



A bit like these, this story is the only one i could think off from the top of my head but i have seen a lot of other stories to it top and i always wanted to do it too and tried but it ended up looking bad.

how can you do these things in your story?

Omg War Dogs I love that story I can make you that type of overlay art if you like since I’m making some for myself

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You just need a ton of screenshots of a character from The EA and then you begin drawing or adding some hands to make it look better and props and more

Yes please! You would be a lifesaver!

Can you make the overlays ?
If so can you send me some overlays of the one the hand on the throat , or can you make me an edit

Ofc pm me so I can know the exact details and I’ll start right on it