Need a art scene artist for my story! (Can be standout edits and drawn))

Hi guys
I am looking for a art scene artist for my story
It could be drawn and edited!

If drawn semi realistic or so
And if edited standout edited or so

I am looking for free artists not paid

Any other types of artist would be okay too :slightly_smiling_face:

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I searched here
Most of them are inactive or closed ATM


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Hi! I am a free semi-realistic artist!
Here are some examples

Click mee


Hey if you like my examples then check out my art shop :relaxed:

Hi, I’m kinda a semi-realistic style artist. I can do objects, people, and animals. (examples below are only of people if you want animals or object examples let me know, and lmk if you want background examples)
I don’t know the exact pose or number of characters you want but some things I’m not the best at are:

  • Dance moves, cheerleading moves, or splits. (I can do flying, I don’t have examples on this device but if that’s something you’re looking for I can move them over)
  • Kissing.
  • Over 3 people in a piece, for both time limit and detailing reasons.

And things I won’t do are:
Nudity whether or not there is a censor bar. Undies and swim suits are ok. (Edit: just not clear undies, or see through)
Cultural shame or misappropriation. Or shaming in general, which I don’t think you would have but putting still.

I did this one with marker

I did this one digital


I did this via markers for the character and watercolored pencils for the background

If you want me to do it here’s the form, just send it via pm:

  1. How many characters?
  2. What species are they (human, fantasy (pls list), or animals (pls list)?
  3. For people what hairstyle for each character? (reference photo)
  4. Any accessories you want? (such as earings, etc.)
  5. Reference pose?
  6. Image of character(s)? (1 of head and if there’s an outfit from the catalog then 1 full body)
  7. If not included in reference pose then please include the facial expression style?
  8. If not an outfit from the catalog then what style outfit do you want, include a photo if you have one?
  9. Background? (Either a episode background, a commercial use one, all royalty-free sites tell you what license it is for specific sites I accept: pixbay, Unsplash, raw pixels, and pexels backgrounds, blank/ png, or a drawn one)
  10. If drawn background what type (can be referenced), and is it a day, night, or sunrise?
  11. Other Information:
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Thanks for offering my art shop!!