Need a artist to make me arts

Hello guys
As you know i am already an artist myself but i don’t think my art is good so i might want a person to be my own artist to make me art scenes, art cover or any one of those.
So i will be choosing who wants to make me Arts.
But for that you have to fill out the forms.
I also able to pay so pls cooperate me with low price


Free / commission artist :
Examples ( latest) :
Days of experience :
Price chart if you are a commission artist :
Tag ( any of artist who does free / commission arts) :

Thank you for your cooperation


Can I try to do

Free / commission artist : Free Artists
Examples ( latest) : You can view my Pinterest
Days of experience : 2 weeks
Price chart if you are a commission artist : No Price
Tag ( any of artist who does free / commission arts) : @Dhenuepisode and @Devil_Herself

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Thank you for the tag, but I’m not accepting requests atm! My slots are full


Thanks i really liked your work but also need other artists to fill too

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That’s ok

Free Artist / Custom Made:
Free artist examples (latest):
Tienda de overlays- backgrounds y cover de Forever Maria (ABIERTA)
Days of experience: 2 months
Price table if you are a commissioned artist: Without
price tag
(any of the artists who do free arts / commissioned @mariadolores

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You are in the waitlist

commission artist, started digital art back in january

prices and examples can be found in my thread <3


OK you are in the waiting list

I have an artist who does all my art for me. Her art is low priced with the highest price at less than £20 - @dahlia.artdesign - she usually gets the art done in less than a week as well !


Thank you for the information I will check her out

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Here is something she made me so you know what her style is xx

I only paid £10 for this and the quality is amazing !!! she got it done in 3 days as well !!

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Thank you I will check her out

But is there a way to contact her other than instagram

I can give you her email if you want but it would have to be on private message xx

@Tesbie28 does,
You can check out her thread.

@KylieJay does some awesome art

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Thanks for the tag!
I can try lol




1 year?

@Akanksha.writes @Devil_Herself @nayu.ep @line123462 @Tara3


Thanks for the tag @Vi_Episode :relaxed:

Free / commission artist : Commission
Examples ( latest) : (drop down below)
Days of experience : Opened commissions 4 months ago, but have done art all my life.
Price chart if you are a commission artist : (drop down below)

Here’s my Commissions thread with more info. I also recommend checking out my Instagram to see more of my artworks. :heartbeat:

Examples *UPDATED*

I also draw males. Examples of them are on my IG.

Price Chart

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Free / commission artist : Me. @ZamiraArts
Examples ( latest) :

Days of experience : a year as a commission artist
Price chart if you are a commission artist :

New prices

Full body is $32
Half body is $27
Portrait is $22
The prices along with pay pal fees.