Need a background made


I’m writing my first story and I’m looking for someone to create me a background . It’s a particular scene .
Character one is in water and character 2 is leaning over a boat pulling character one out of water . There is also a shiny blue star in the sky .
I would like to see examples of character art please.
Sorry if it’s picky it’s just for a special art scene in my story.
Thank you


I can do it for ya!




Hey could you make me two art scenes I loved your examples


What website do you use?




Ok thanks


Could you make me those two art scenes??


Ummmmmmmmm no it’s ok I’ll let someone else do it


Episode harmony can


Why your examples are REALLY Good


Ok I’ll do it




Sure. Send the deets


I can here’s my examples




Thanks ok I will pm the details




I can help, I have three styles.

This is style 1

This is style 2

This is style 3

(Btw any art style can be done with any episode character style.)


It’s really sweet of you but I have just started a new story so there will be plenty to do but thanks I will for sure pm you if I need anything your examples looks good.


Thx here’s a example from my best friend she’s amamazing I’m glad to have her in my life I luv you @Koolgal77

Psst @Elena1creates sneek peek don’t tell her shhh