Need a background please


I am looking for a background with a monster with red eyes, kind of like an attached background to the INT. MINE OPEN - DAY background. The monster will have red eyes, and will be partly submerged in the shadows. Then, the front part of the monster will have 7 arms poking out of it’s sides, looking like it’s ready to grab a person in the screen center position. The color of the monsters skin will be gray. If you have done this, reply with the picture, and I will tell the director of the story to give you credit in the intro credits to the story.


I can help if wanted


Sure. Just make sure that you start making it today and can finish it by the end of tomorrow.


Is it almost finished? I need it for the finale and I’m getting quite close.


Almost but I have a few request to do but if you want it sooner please send me or PM me the pictures of everything you want in the background so its easier for me