Need a background!


I need a locker room with an open locker for my character to use, i was wondering if someone can find one for me to use in my story?

its with the background: INT. LOCKER ROOM - DAY


You want it to be realistic or more a cartoony way like Episode normal backgrounds?


just in the episode style background plz :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll try to find something, but I can’t really promise anything.


its fine and ty


ok wait i found one lol


Would this work?


yea thats the one i found, would i have to credit it to anyone tho since its from online?


the one i found is by joseph evans on this website:


Yeah that’s the one just credit ; josephevans or I guess


ok ty


I was just trying to find that site, thanks for finding it for me ^^


np lol:)


lel :joy: