Need a banner ASAP

hey lovess,

Recently I feel like I keep asking for things, but hey I need them! Okay, so basically I need a banner and if anybody could make me one that’d be great. If you can’t but know anyone who does and is available now, or art shops that are open and take banner requests please comment! :heart:

Thanks chu

Is a banner a cover? .3. sry for the dumb question

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A banner is, like sorry if i’m bad at explaining but like if for example you press an art shop what I need it for, there is usually a banner at the top that says like “-insert art shop name-”

You could honestly press almost any art shop and they have a banner but not all.

Oh okay, I see.

You should write what you want in your banner exactly

I can make you one if you still need it. It’ll probably take me ten minutes.

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I actually am getting one from lana aka @lanafrazer_episode but thank you! :heartpulse:

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