‼ Need a bathroom background‼

Heyyy, I really need a school bathroom stall background (inside the stall) for a sad scene + Ill add an overlay on it.

Credit will be given if I used


Story is Smoke Then Lollipops

:bangbang: Urgent plz :bangbang:

Also this is not a request so please dont make it specially, Im asking if someone already has one since I may use other backgrounds.

<3 <3 <3

insta: @episode_80


I tried but I could only find this one

Check out this


Thank you, absolutely helpfull.

but I havent found what I want yet <3

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I know…
I tried to find it for long for this is all what I get…

Maybe this could help? You can crop it down to one stall.

Thank u <3 I found 1

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