Need a Bed Overlay

Hi everyone! I’m creating a story and need a blanket/bed overlay of the teen sister’s bedroom night bed (episode original background). That way I can make it look like the MC is laying under the covers and not just on top. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Just to clarify, are you asking for the circled section to be an overlay?

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or are you talking about more of a bird eye view?

Yes, the circled section! That would be perfect!

The only thing is, I need it to be the room at nighttime instead of day

this is nowhere near perfect, and it was my first time trying to do something like this, so i apologize! you don’t have to use it :slight_smile: also, if the file is too big to upload to episode, lemme know and i’ll fix it

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If you have night picture and ofc still need help I can do it :wink:

It’s amazing and uploaded just fine! Thank you so much!! Do you want me to credit you?

yeah! usually i’m fine without any credit but this one actually took effort so shddjhaksjfn my instagram is @asteroidayla.episode

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I’ll make sure to credit you☺️

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If need any overlays you can head over to my thread: FREE Custom Overlays + Cover Art :heart: