Need a Beta Reader for my upcoming story

Hi everybody!
I’m writing a brand new story and I’m a new author with not much experience, I’ve struggled with my story, finding mistakes like character placing , zooming, grammatical mistakes and so on.

So, I am in need of proofreaders and beta readers who can read and find mistakes for the future chapters too. (I’ve planned like 30-35 chapters).

Moreover, I really need someone dedicated and with experience and at the same time someone who can do that for free.

So if you are up to helping a mate or you know somebody please either give me the person’s Instagram account here or in my Instagram DMs.

My Instagram name is @episode.pori1


I can help with beta reading. :heart: @tessa_writez :v:t2:

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I dmed u in insta.

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i would be willing to help my insta is @jvxllee

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