Need a beta reader or/and coder :)



Hey guys! I’m currently working on my first story and I started to write episode 2. I get really tired of previewing my episodes a billion times, to make sure that everything works properly. It can be very demotivating. Also, I sometimes get a little bit stuck while coding and it often takes a lot of time, to figure out what I did wrong. So it would be really nice to have someone, who can help me to look over my episodes and also help me with coding! People with great fantasy are also very welcome to help me make the story more interesting.

I need someone who is 16+, since the story contains mature themes and strong language.


I can try??


Memememememememe im pretty good at coding and coming up with ideas and I’m free most of the time!






Haha you are really motivated! Are you over 16?:slight_smile:




I’ll write you a private message… if I can figure out how :smiley:


Do you have discord. It’s much easier to talk there




I don’t, but I’m going to install it. since it’s free




And you name?


the same one as here on the forum


How bout joining a group


What do you mean?


U can join my Writing group