Need a Beta reader to read my story?

I need some to read my story once it done in 2 hours before I publish it please and thank you

I’m not a beta reader I guess lol but I’d be happy to glance it over for you. :blush:

Ok Ill let you know when it done still have a few more scenes to do

Moved to Share Feedback since you’re looking for a beta-reader. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink: here you go let me know what need to fix

Would you like me to tell you on here? Or through PM?

Anyone is fine with me

Ok. I’m not a professional or anything and I am still learning many things myself…

So, in reading your first chapter, you start off with an introduction. From that introduction alone, I could tell that you would have many grammatical errors. Just about all of your sentences are run on, no commas or periods or even exclamation marks. A lot of misspelled words. I barely understood what the characters were trying to say.

image image

The episode seems rushed, there were a few glitches, like when they’re driving to school.

This should be:

I guess you’re* not your, thinking, oh, she’s rich. Or something like that. Basically, as I mentioned above, all of your dialogue is like that.

image !

In the school scene, the characters popped up one by one, when they should have already been placed there.

I didn’t get a sense of really knowing the characters, because of your grammar, that makes it hard. It lacks depth and understanding.

At the end of the episode when you’re explaining that you’re not going to give clothing choices, it comes off as kind of mean. In a sense!

I hope this gives you an indication as to what you need to do. :blush:

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Im working on that im still new at learning coding for outfits and i have dyslexia so its a little hard for me but it will actually help work on it thanks for your feedback it will definitely help me in the future

You’re welcome. Maybe try getting a proofreader, there are some on here. And also, maybe try watching videos about how to do the clothing choices as well as directing.

Joseph Evans has a lot of videos to help us out.

Good luck hun :purple_heart:

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It looks like you got a lot of great input from TamiRose! I’d be interested in helping out as well, I’m trying to learn about making stories as well and I think we should all stick together and help each other out!
I know spelling and grammar can be difficult, and having someone proofread is definitely an important step. Is there anyone who could look over it with you on your computer? If not, I would be glad to help you out in private message, as sending text on forums can be obnoxious.

Good luck!!!

Im still a little but i can help you with some stuff

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