Need a bird's eye view of this bed!

Hey everyone! So I was looking for a bird’s eye of this kind of bed.

It can be found in the episode catalog. It’s my story’s MC’s room, so I really need it. Any and all help is very much appreciated! Thank you so much! :heart:

So, I don’t remember who’s this background is from, but I downloaded it a while ago and I named it “no credit needed”, so I think the person who made this didn’t ask for credit

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Thank you so much!! Do you happen to have the blanket as an overlay?

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no problem :relaxed: and No i don’t but i can make it for you…would you like the pink sheets as the overlay?

Yep, the pink sheets!
And do you know who this belongs to? I really don’t wanna use it and get them to think I stole without credit :sweat_smile: if you have any idea, let me know.

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Okay i’ll make it for you, and i don’t remember but i think their name was Episode.uwu :weary:

Thank you! I’ll try to find them. The last thing I need is to catch a case :eyes:

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Yes I completely understand, i will keep looking too! and here is the overlay


Thank you so much! How should I credit you?

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No problem, no credit needed :heartpulse:

Oh, I see. Thank you so much!! :heart:

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