Need a bit of help hehe

name some things you like to see in a mystery story (for the contest) you can name anything! For example peter9089 says: I want to see an albino character inside of a story!
so yeah if you have little idea’s like that I’d love to hear them

Adult like 25-30 year olds trying to solve the clue

my MC is 27 :rofl:

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any more idea’'s?

I had a neighbor who was an African-American/Caucasian Albino… He never went anywhere without sunglasses on because he was very sensitive to sunlight. He would always wear long sleeves and long pants to protect himself from the suns rays as well. He also always wore black… not sure if that was just a preference or for other reasons?? I was young and curious, it may have been rude, but I was curious about his appearance and I think he thought it was endearing that I asked him so bluntly what was wrong with him (Thankfully!)

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